Enviromulch is an environmentally friendly wood mulch. 100% Recycled colored wood mulch 


  • Decorative mulch
  • Weed control
  • Pathways
  • Reapplication as required for the visual effect.

Aesthetics - Enviromulch in red or gold offers the most attractive, decorating long lasting look for a landscape design.

A Recycled Products - Enviromulch is products form a wood waste which would others go into the landfill

A Natural Organic Products - unlink rock or stone, Enviromulch is organic mulch, which with time will become rich topsoil.

Plants, shrubs, and tree do much better with organic mulch, which offer better temperature buffering during extreme temperatures

and reduce the need to water in hot weather

Color Fast - Enoviro mulch breaks down about 30% slower then shredded bark and retains its color much longer. Light raking will refresh the color and delay the need to add more mulch for years to come.

Easy To Handle - compared to rock, Enviromulch is to handle and apply. A depth of 3-4 inches is recommended.

Safe - Enivromulch is a natural wood product colored with natural earth sourced colors. These are formulated from iron oxides, which occur natuarlly in rocks and soils.

Weed Control - Enviromulch reduces the need for chemicals and weed control additives.

Mulch promotes healthy plant growth by improving soil conditions through moisture conservation, weed control and temperature moderation. As mulch slowly decomposes it adds organic material to the soil.

Mulch generally also helps to increase soils structure, fertility and helps to create good air and water movement through the soil. Leaving raw materials within the soil to supply to earthworms, they help to aerate the soil, it helps for nutrients to be released and improve upon a weak crumbly structure.

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