Compost Management

Our Organics Recycling program is as much about soil quality as it is about waste diversion. Composting is cost effective in that it removes the heavy wet materials from the trash.  By composting you can reduce harmful landfill emissions that contribute to climate change, and help to preserve landfill space.  Composting is also far more economical than landfilling over the long term because landfills pose large environmental risks.  What we will do is identify the most appropriate and cost effective strategy for collecting your organics.  We can provide you with collection containers for easy segregation, and provide you with a scheduled pickup, or on an as per needed basis.

Manure Management

If you have horses you have manure. An average horse can produce over 8 tons of manure in one year. With more than one horse, the manure can get out of control without a manure management plan.  Horse manure recycling is a more environmentally correct method of dealing with your manure than putting it in to our landfills. Composted horse manure is an excellent soil enhancer to help nourish your soil.