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Serving Manitoba for over 90 Years

Samborski Landscaping was started in the early 1920’s by John Samborski. The company specialized in lawn maintenance, landscaping, small home and yard projects, as well as residential snow removal services. The business was operated in Winnipeg at 910 Garwood Avenue. John’s son Allen Samborski joined the business in the early 1930’s and the customer base expanded. The core base of the business serviced homes on Wellington Crescent, River Heights, Cresentwood and Tuxedo.


Getting a load of topsoil at the stockyards circa 1965

In the late 1950’s a small plot of land was rented on Harstone Rd. in Winnipeg. This land was used primarily to store soil and manure. This land also used to stockpile leaves, grass clippings and flowers that were transported there and thus began the early stages on Composting with Samborski Garden Supplies.

Building construction at 3306 McGillivray Blvd. circa 1980

The soil operation increased over time and Samborski Garden Supplies became a full service bulk gardening supply operation. The company specialized in quality soil mixes for residential customers, commercial customers, landscapers, golf courses and greenhouses. The company also maintained extensive and high end lawn maintenance and landscaping division. As well the company handled limestone products, sand and decorative stone.

In 1980 a building was constructed at 3306 McGillivray Blvd. The building and operation occupied on approximately 2/3 of an acre.

In 1989 Samborski Garden Supplies purchased a 46 Acre plot of land at 2600 McGillivray Blvd. In 1990 construction began on its recently sold McGillivray Blvd location.

Prior location at 2600 McGillivray Blvd.

The 1990’s were a big decade for Samborski Garden Supplies. Our commitment to service and quality had increased soil and stone volumes to a point where new equipment had to be purchased and the fleet needed to be expanded. The constant strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition led us to composting. In the early 1990’s Samborski Garden Supplies began managing the horse bedding and manure from several riding stables in Winnipeg, most of which we still manage today. It was this management that had plunged us into a full scale composting operation. We began managing all of the horse bedding and manure produced at Assiniboia Downs beginning in 2002 and we have been managing the Winnipeg Zoo since 2004.

Our composting facility circa 2006

In November 2007 we wanted to further expand our composting initiatives so we began accepting food waste at our facility. We began bringing in potato waste from Old Dutch Foods in Winnipeg. We furthered this initiative another step by launching a full scale Source Separated Organics Management Program for commercial customers in Winnipeg in April 2008 and thus Samborski Environmental a Division of Samborski Garden Supplies Ltd. was born. We currently handle many organic waste generators and we are committed to closing the circle in Winnipeg; our composting operation is as committed to soil quality as it is to waste diversion.

Today Samborski Garden Supplies and its subsidiary Samborski Environmental continue to be leaders and pioneers in the industry by supplying quality products, quality service while being committed to waste diversion and environmental concerns. We are committed to closing the circle in Winnipeg by composting and putting quality mature compost back in the gardens of Manitobans.

Our Team

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